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Children’s down jacket, what brand, good down jacket ten big list

September 19, 2017 by Posted in: down jackets

Down jacket ten brands, down jacket brand Daquan, brand down jacket list, down jacket, which brand is good <2017>?
1. Bosideng BOSIDENG
In 1975, down clothing leading brand, promote down to the bloated to leisure / fashion change, scale down clothing enterprises, Bosideng International Holdings Limited
2. Eral ERAL
Zhejiang famous brand, focusing on young women’s fashion brand, fashion down jacket leader, down clothing / women’s / home textiles based diversified development group, Eral Group Co., Ltd.
3. Semir Semir
Founded in 1996, Zhejiang famous brand, leisure apparel leading brands, young fashion public tide brand, Volkswagen / leisure / fast / fashion clothing brand operators, Semir Group Co., Ltd.
4. Romon ROMON
In 1984, famous men’s clothing brand, China suit industry iconic brand, to design / production and sales of high-grade suit / shirt and a series of mainly clothing, Romon Group Co. Ltd.
5. SEPTWOLVES Septwolves
Founded in 1990, Fujian province famous brand, the leading brand of men’s leisure jacket industry, the reputation of “jacket expert”, Fujian Septwolves industry Limited by Share Ltd
6. Yalu
In 1972, ten brand down jacket, with production and sales as the leading clothing brand name “winter fashion sportswear”, called Cmi Holdings Ltd
7. sea orchid house HLA
“Par quality / fashion business” National Men’s brand, flagship fashion business wind, enjoy the “men’s Wardrobe” reputation, Jiangsu famous trademark, production and sale of men’s clothing large listed companies, Hai Lan’s home Limited by Share Ltd
8. Korea clothing house HSTYLE
Domestic Internet fast fashion brands, to Han Feng, fashion style, popular popular fashion brand, Korean clothing homes, e-commerce group, Limited by Share Ltd
9. duck YAYA
Founded in 1972, belonging to Veken Group, domestic large scale down products specializing in the production of enterprises, the warm down products known, any shares of the company
Founded in 1992, Jiangsu province famous trademark, industry influence brand down products, one-stop down home, Jiangsu qianrengang Industrial Co. Ltd.

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