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Down jacket nursing knowledge

September 19, 2017 by Posted in: down jackets

1, cleaning
Use neutral detergent to wash down jacket, do not use strong cleaning agent, bleaching agent and fabric softener, before cleaning can soak in short time, with a soft brush to brush the net collar, cuffs and so easy to dirty parts wash down jacket. Zip up all the zippers before washing and pull up the button. Washing machines choose warm water and gentle mode, do not use the “dry” function, powerful centrifugal force will damage down jacket fabric or lining, thoroughly wash detergent and soap foam. The frequent washing will damage the down jacket of the down clothes, so please reduce the number of washing as much as possible under the condition of keeping clean.
2, dry
Suitable for dry down in ventilated and dry environment, to avoid strong direct sunlight, ultraviolet radiation can damage the surface, you can use the dryer capacity larger, to maintain low temperature drying and down jacket has enough space turning, shake down and gently pat down at last gathered after drying, to fully stretch down, restitution then in the closet.
3, storage
Daily storage please try to choose a cool dry environment, and determine the jacket is clean, some brand down jacket with clothes donated compression bag, but recommended only as a temporary use, can not be placed in compression bag storage, long-term compression will make down or lose their elasticity and reduce the insulation from the thermal performance, if the long-term do not use, suggested that a time of finishing a down jacket, make it completely relax and dry.
4, except for different
The first step: full immersion. Add detergent or silk detergent to warm water at about 20 degrees Celsius, and then drop a few drops of perfume. Soak the down coat for 20 minutes.
The second step: pinch in the water. 1) a large amount of air is squeezed out of the water jacket. 2) use both hands in the water grasping, pinch down each part of the down jacket, until the kneading clean, or brush with a brush. 3) most of the water is empty and then put into the clean water, and then throw it several times until the net is clean. 4) soften the clothes conditioner in the water and place the down jacket for a few minutes.
The third step: empty dry. 1) down jacket on the net in the water, air dry. 2) will be down flat on the table in the shade. 3) dry with a dryer. 4) placed in a special bag, with a drier, in the shade.
The fourth step: dry processing. When the down coat is dried out, you will find it not as fluffy and soft as it used to be, but rather a piece. Such as dried hands beat, or near the heating bake for a while, immediately restore the soft state.

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